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    Speeding up Tyrant

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    Speeding up Tyrant Empty Speeding up Tyrant

    Post by miller on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:26 pm

    okay okay... so this is a slippery slope....

    From the person who brought you free kreds, and faction trackers, I now bring you speed hack.

    This is probably against the terms of service unlike the free kreds and faction tracking which are perfectly legal. But I don't know if you guys tried playing the new raids yet. It takes me 30mins to dump all my energy into Pantheon Perfect. That's just too long. Evil or Very Mad

    I only use this for the new raids, b/c Tyrant for me is suppose to be 10mins at a time... not 30mins. Feel free to delete this thread if you have moral objection. Question

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